Should you store soda in a refrigerator or in a cabinet after it's been opened?

Answer The refrigerator.

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Why do you put a opened soda in the refrigerator?

To keep the drink cool if you can not finish it. However soda (or soft drinks) are carbonated, and will therefore become flat in time if the cap is not put on. You may be thinking about sodium bica... Read More »

Is it safe to store opened aluminum cans in the refrigerator?

You shouldn't put open cans of food in the refrigerator. An open can allows air to come in contact with the metal of the can. This can allow the metal to seep into the food, contaminating it.Source... Read More »

Will a store take a camera back with the receipt even if it has been opened?

Major stores will but a small camera shop may not.

How long will a package of turkey bacon stay fresh in the refrigerator after being opened?