Should you still be showering with your son if he is eight years old?

Answer Not unless he has special needs and cannot do it alone. Otherwise, NO!Whether you are mother or father, the answer is no.

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Should you worry if your 7-year-old son hit his head eight days ago and still has a raised lump which is quite large but it is not painful?

Answer Any bad bump should be checked out by your doctor or even a clinic. Concusion can occur or even blood clots (not trying to scare you) and unless your son is complaining of dizziness, feelin... Read More »

Your daughter was covered by your insurance till she was 19 She turned 19 eight days before giving birth to her baby. Should the insurance still pay?

I would think they would pay for all of the prenatal visits. But I don't believe they would cover the hospital expenses. Unless she was enrolled at a college. Then she could remain covered until at... Read More »

What should you do if you are 13-years-old and eight months pregnant and your parents left you at a school for unwed mothers while you were interviewing and now you are all alone?

Keep the baby. Can you imagine seeing your child with someone else in the supermarket 10 years later. You have a 2 year old and you remember and think "I Wish I could have changed my mind." Please,... Read More »

Can I fly with expired passports with children under eight years?

No. U.S. passports are needed for everyone, even infants, to fly internationally. Flying to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or domestically is fine with an expired passport. All those over 16 must h... Read More »