Should you staple your federal income tax return forms?

Answer On One Hand: IRS Instructions State Do Not Staple FormsFiling guidelines clearly advise a taxpayer not to use staples if assembling a tax return. Additionally, on most tax forms themselves, a "do n... Read More »

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How to Find Federal Income Tax Forms Online?

Any individual who resides or is employed in the United States is subject to paying federal income tax depending on their earnings. The same holds true for all U.S. citizens who are living abroad. ... Read More »

What is a federal income tax return?

Yearly federal income tax returns, supervised and enforced by the Internal Revenue Service, are an important method for funding the expenses of the national government. Form 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ... Read More »

How to Track a Federal Income Tax Return?

Filing your taxes can often be a cumbersome and stressful project. However, part of the joy of doing them is getting your tax refund check afterward. The Internal Revenue Service has developed a wa... Read More »

Who needs to file a federal income tax return?

People need to file a federal income tax return if they have had federal income tax withheld, if they qualify for the earned income tax credit, received form 1099 due to withdrawal from their retir... Read More »