Should you smoke pep spice while pregnant?

Answer no, you idiot

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How to Smoke "Spice"?

"Spice" is the umbrella term for many brands of herbs and synthetic chemicals. Most forms are legal worldwide, and it is easily smoked, like a cigarette.

Does spice make u tired when u smoke it?

YES!!! OMG i know exactly how u feel lmao. Drink a lot of water and workout and eat food and workout some more,, working out when ur hi off spice is da bizness! and peeing too its frikkn amazing lm... Read More »

Why cant you smoke when your pregnant?

'Cause whatever the mother has in her bloodstream she'll also pass on into the baby's bloodstream. It's been well proven that kids exposed to nicotine before being born will be smaller than kids bo... Read More »

Can you smoke while your pregnant?

No it is always sensible to stop smoking altogether.