Should you sit in timeout with your child?

Answer No it doesn't teach him/her a lesson. If you sit with him he will think its alright to get into timeout because he/she will have her/his mom/dad.

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How do I put my tamagotchi in timeout?

Do you still have the instructions? One of the buttons actually operates the pause setting. You have to press it a few times and watch the screen until the pause option comes up on the menu.

How do I change a screensaver timeout?

Open the Screensaver Properties BoxIn Windows XP: Right-click on any space on your desktop not occupied by an icon. Select "Properties" from the shortcut menu. Go to the "Screensaver" tab. In Windo... Read More »

How Do I Change the Timeout for an HP Printer?

The timeout can be adjusted on a Hewlett Packard printer set up on a parallel port interface. The parallel port printer timeout may cause delays in printing or issues where documents will not print... Read More »

How to Stop an Internet Timeout?

An Internet connection timeout is an error message that you receive occasionally on your Internet Explorer Web browser. This typically occurs when you connect to a Web site that runs for a while be... Read More »