Should you sign a credit card?

Answer On One Hand: Sign the CardAlmost all credit card issuers print the words "not valid unless signed" right above the signature space on a credit card. A merchant is technically required to reject an ... Read More »

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Why are you required to sign your credit card?

Credit cards offer a convenient way to pay for purchases without having to carry cash, count change or write checks. Using a credit card requires you to agree to the terms set forth by the credit c... Read More »

How to Sign Up For Credit Card Discounts?

Credit card discounts have become so ubiquitous that most people expect to receive special offers, frequent flyer miles, store-specific deals and other discounts--and are bewildered if they don't g... Read More »

Do credit card companies bribe you to sign up?

Credit card companies often offer incentives to attract new customers to sign up for credit cards. This could be viewed as a bribe of sorts. For example, a credit card will often offer you a low or... Read More »

Can a son sign his father's name on a credit card purchase?

On One Hand: Not Legally.Only authorized signers on a credit card account can sign for transactions made with that card. Even though the son is closely related to the father, it's technically fraud... Read More »