Do I need to go to the doctor to get this lump checked?

Answer Was this lump there when you went to the doctors last week. Can you move this lump, If the lump is movable it is most likely a cyst. Go back to the doctors & don't worry about what him/her thinks. ... Read More »

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My doctor found a lump in my left breast.?

80% of all lumps are benign. To use an old saying, "Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you." Best wishes on your tests.

Why when your about to cry do you feel a lump in your throat?

I feel a lump just to the right of my left hip. What could it be?

All the symptoms cited by you are quite confusing and irrelevant. No scope for colon cancer nor a tumor.For lump on hip, You may see a general surgeon for a total and permanent cure.

What does a lump feel like in the breast?

Because breast cancer is easier to treat when caught early, many doctors urge women to perform a monthly breast self-exam to feel for a lump. However, most lumps are not cancerous.How Lumps FeelSom... Read More »