Should you risk having a baby arfter the age 46?

Answer This is a question which must be discussed with your doctor rather than with strangers who might well have their own moral, ethical and medical views on the subject.You need dispassionate and profe... Read More »

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Is it weird that a guy cries arfter watching the notebook?

No, i think it's very sweet when a guy cries during a movie. I find him even more attractive and it makes him seem like a caring, sensitive soul! :) Screw the haters who make you feel weird or bad ... Read More »

What is the risk of having a baby at age 45?

the only real risk to the baby is a higher chance of Downs syndrome, there are other risks associated with the pregnancy such as premature birth etc. but overall there is no real reason why a woman... Read More »

Risk to baby with Copper T?

How to Lessen the Risk of Baby Cot Death?

http://www.thepostnatal.comCot DEATH is rare cause of death of a baby... but precautions should be taken. In this article you can see causes and precautions for cot death of a baby.