Should you ride an ATV while pregnant?

Answer Answer I'm not a doctor, so I can't give you advice on whether it's safe or not MEDICALLY, however, as a new mom, here's my thoughts: Imagine the worst case scenario - You may have an accident and... Read More »

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Should you go boating while pregnant?

answer common sense prevails on this one. a relaxing ride on a smooth lake will not hurt a pregnant woman Answer Depends on the kind of boating. Pounding around on a high speed power boat may mean ... Read More »

Should you drink milk while pregnant?

Milk During PregnancyMilk should be approached with caution, especially during pregnancy. Most dairy cows are treated with growth hormones to get them to supply to unnecessary demand. Pasteurized m... Read More »

Should you avoid black tea while pregnant?

No, but it is probably best to avoid very large amounts of tea. Black tea, like other types of tea (including green and white tea) contains caffeine, and very high amounts of caffeine can have a h... Read More »

Should you smoke pep spice while pregnant?