Should you ride an ATV while pregnant?

Answer Answer I'm not a doctor, so I can't give you advice on whether it's safe or not MEDICALLY, however, as a new mom, here's my thoughts: Imagine the worst case scenario - You may have an accident and... Read More »

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Can you ride the scrambler ride when pregnant?

Sure, if you are going to give birth to a milk shake!! C'mon - get real - While pregnant, certain precautions have to take place to prevent injury of your internal organs and the development of th... Read More »

You are 4 weeks pregnant will it be safe to ride an ATV?

Answer As long as you have no crampsit is perfectly safe, as far as the pregnancy goes anyway.

Two weeks pregnant can you ride a rollercoaster?

The movement of the roller coaster might have an effect on the baby. It's better not to take actions that could harm the baby, even though it only has little chance it can do harm. Better to be saf... Read More »

Can a pregnant woman ride a motorcycle at any stage?

Answer Depending on the type of bike, she should be okay to ride without disrupting the baby. Keep inn mind, though, that riding is much more dangerous than driving, so you expose yourself and th... Read More »