Should you respond to being sued for custody?

Answer i am being sued by my child father how do i response to this matter i don,t have money for a attorney

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If a parent has full physical and legal custody and the biological parent just came back after 2 years gone and sued for vistiation and the courts gave it to him is there a way to request drug testing?

Answer Of course I don't know your full situation, but, you could try fighting this in the courts by seeing a lawyer. Unfortunately, as long as a father (or mother) pays child support then they ha... Read More »

I have Limewire and i hear you can get sued, how can i use limewire and not get sued by the RIAA?

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How can you get joint custody or physical custody when mother has sole custody of child?

There is a difference between physical and legal custody. The court can award joint legal custody to the parents and determine that one parent will have physical custody. It can also award joint ph... Read More »

If you are 16 can your grandma get emergency custody of you and then sign it over to your mother who didn't have custody over you if your dad had custody?

Answer If the minor child is in an unsuitable environment which constitutes abuse, neglect or endangerment, DFS (social services) should be notified at once. A family member such as a grandmother c... Read More »