Should you remove wilted flowers from Gardenia plants?

Answer When the flower turns yellow, pinch it off at the base of the bloom. Be careful as there may be other buds in the making at this site. And yes, you should remove them to encourage more blooms.

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Should I pluck wilted flowers on my orchid?

The flower spikes of all orchids, with the exception of the Phalaenopsis variety, should be cut off at the base of the plant after the flowers have wilted. The Phalaenopsis orchid variety occasiona... Read More »

What Causes the Wilted Appearance of Plants?

Plants wilt for myriad reasons. On hot, dry days, plants seem to droop with the same discomfort experienced by people. If you forget to water a houseplant, it lets you know by wilting. Likewise, pl... Read More »

What Does It Mean if My Kale Plants Are Wilted & Falling Over?

Two types of kale plants grow in gardens: those with green or purple leaves exclusively for harvest and eating, and the more compact types with red-violet, pink or white leaves used as an ornamenta... Read More »

How do I take care of gardenia flowers?

Planting and WateringKeep your gardenias indoors if you live in a temperate climate. They are a tropical plant and do best in consistently warmer temperatures. Gardenias need well-draining soil and... Read More »