Should you refinance a national city mortgage?

Answer On One Hand: Now Is a Good Time to RefinanceNational City Mortgage, which as of 2010 is now called PNC Mortgage, offers a wide range of refinancing options. There is a refinancing learning center o... Read More »

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Should I Refinance to Get My Ex Off the Mortgage?

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Should I Refinance My Mortgage if It Is Hard to Pay?

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Who owns National City Mortgage company?

The former National City Mortgage company is now known as PNC Mortgage, owned by PNC Bank. The merger between banks was approved in late 2008, with the mortgage transition taking place in November... Read More »

Is National City Mortgage a stable company?

On One Hand: National City Mortgage No Longer ExistsNational City Mortgage no longer exists on its own. This company was taken over by PNC Mortgage in November 2009. Customers who were part of Nat... Read More »