Should you put a microwave on top of the fridge?

Answer If you are over 6 foot tall and can see into the microwave, this might work. You definitely do not want to be handling containers of hot food from a position over your head.If you have a short refr... Read More »

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Can I put fridge magnets on a microwave?

Fridge magnets are relatively weak and will not harm the function of a microwave manufactured after 1990. For safety, do not place fridge magnets or other types of magnets inside a microwave.Refere... Read More »

Snack suggestions to take to an office without a fridge or a microwave?

Canned fruit - all you need is a can opener and a spoon. Also pudding packs and jello packs are handy. I keep somecrackers in my office most of the time.

Science question Will beer chill faster in an empty fridge or a full fridge?

As an HVAC Master Mechanic I can say the difference would be negligible. To some extent it would depend on the size of the compressors in each fridge and the amount of air flow in each plus some es... Read More »

If a fridge magnet can't hold apiece of paper against a fridge what forces are acting on it?

if a refrigerator magnet cant hold a piece of paper against a refrigerator, the forces acting on the magnet must be what?