Should you push to give birth?

Answer if the doctor tells you to than yes he doesn't than you should

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After you give birth how long should you wait to give birth to a baby again?

It is best to wait at least a year to try to get pregnant again so your body can fully heal before going thru the same rough process again. If you get pregnant soon after having a baby the chances ... Read More »

What week should a women give birth?

between 38-40 weeks. Some doctors induce as early as 37 weeks. Even at week 36 the lungs are not ready.

What Should a Mother Eat to Give Birth to a Brainy Child?

Pregnancy diets rich in folic acid, Omega-3 fatty acids, and choline are important for healthy fetal brain development for a brainy baby. Nutrients like these can also help prevent spina bifida and... Read More »

How long after giving birth should you give milk to baby?

The best practice is that once the newborn baby's condition is stabilized, the baby should be brought to the mother's breast and be allowed to nurse. To continue that best care of the infant, it sh... Read More »