Should you move out of your parents house and live on your own?

Answer Answer If you're asking for yourself, you need to consider several options. First, are you 18, or a legal adult? Until you're 18, you won't be able to legally enter into a binding contract such ... Read More »

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How can an abused 16-year-old move out from her parents' house and live somewhere safe?

Answerpress domestic violence charges and when it goes to cort tell the judge you want to be emancipated... you cant press charges until you get hit again...let the police take pictures of the mark... Read More »

If I am a 16 year old in Texas and pregnant can I move out of my house to go live with my boyfriend's parents?

No. First of all are you not emancipated and would need parental consent to move out. Second is that the age of consent is 17 in Texas so move to your boyfriend and live with him as in a relationsh... Read More »

Do most parents let their pregnant daughters move out of the house to live with the baby's father?

One Father's Opinion I can't speak for 'most parents' but, assuming the daughter is a minor, I would either be:1. Polishing up the shotgun for the wedding. 2. Seriously consider the fact that if t... Read More »

If you are 15 and your boyfriend is 18 and you got pregnant can you move out of your parents house and move in with him in the state of Arizona?

Answer No, not unless you parents and his parents allow you to...