Should you make your bed as soon as you get up in the morning?

Answer Mmm, that's what people say. I can see how it might cause bacteria to reproduce. When you sleep, you sweat an incredible amount. This creates a warm, wet envrionment, ideal for bacteria to repro... Read More »

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Your due date is today you lost your mucus plug this morning and lost some more with blood a little bit ago you were 2 cm 50 last week will you go into labor soon?

AnswerNormally, loosing your m/p does indicate that changes are occurring in your cervix. It can also be due to sex. Some women loose theirs early due to several reason and their bodies "grow" anot... Read More »

How soon can morning sickness begin in pregnancy?

One of the early signs of pregnancy is morning sickness. Morning sickness is identified by early morning nausea, queasiness and vomiting. Morning sickness may begin as early as the second week afte... Read More »

How soon should you clean your carpet after a flood?

If your carpet is rainwater-soaked, dry and clean it as soon as you gain access. If sewage-contaminated floodwater is involved, discard it. Regardless of the flooding source, toss your carpet if it... Read More »

How soon after conception will you get morning sickness?

Not all women experience morning sickness during pregnancy. In those who do, it commonly begins anywhere from the fourth to eighth week after conception, although some women report feeling morning ... Read More »