Should you lose belly fat before building muscle?

Answer that is why u must loss ur belly fat and i have solution to ur belly fat Small Ways to Lose a Big Belly1. Fried foods are garbage. Potato chips, French fries and onion rings are pregnant with satu... Read More »

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Does muscle build before you actually lose "fat, weight" ?

Hello, firstly my apologies for assuming! Secondly, thank you for the BA, the wording of which showed me that you are mature and deserve my respect.When exercising it is inevitable that the underly... Read More »

What should you not eat to lose belly fat?

To get rid of stubborn belly fat and lose weight, there are particular foods and beverages you should avoid. Diet plays a large part in determining your physical health, and poor nutrition can make... Read More »

Belly fat is a problem for diabetics, what about extreme belly muscle?

Body fat requires less metabolic functions to take place - including the production of insulin. having a body mass that is larger than what is recomended, even if it is lean, creates excessive stra... Read More »

How Many Times Should You Do Cardio to Lose Weight & Build Muscle?

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