Should you let your daughter go on a trip with your brother?

Answer Of course, unless your brother has some sort of incestuous history, but I am assuming he does not or else you would not even ask this question.

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Your brother married a women who had a daughter to another man She had your brother adopt her daughter now they got devoriced Can your brother sign off all rights to this child?

If your grandfathers brother married a woman who has a sister whose daughter is your age does it mean you are related to the daughter?

What relation is your grandfather's brother's daughter's daughter's children?

Anyone's daughter's daughter is their grandchild, and your grandfather's brother is your great uncle. So this is a question about how you are related to your great uncle's granddaughter. The grand... Read More »

How is your father's brother's daughter's daughter related to you?

Your father's brother is your uncle.Your uncle's daughter is your first cousin.The son or daughter of your first cousin is your first cousin, once removed.