Should you leave the computer plugged in while you are fixing it?

Answer On One Hand: Safety Is ImportantWhile fixing a computer, it is typically necessary to unplug the power supply from the wall outlet for safety reasons. Any electrical appliance can transfer enough c... Read More »

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Is it okay to leave your Apple laptop plugged in?

On One Hand: It Is FineApple laptops run on lithium batteries, which function fine if you leave them plugged in. Lithium batteries, unlike NiCad batteries, do not need to be cycled often and have n... Read More »

Is it ok to leave my laptop constantly plugged in?

over charging ANY battery is never a good idea. Once the battery is charged, unplug it when you turn it off.And always, always use a surge protector.

Is it better if you leave your laptop plugged in or to constantly use the battery?

Yes you should try to drain the battery occasionally to keep it conditioned in good shape. Keeping it plugged in constantly might limit its ability to hold a charge. But really, with the technolo... Read More »

Can i leave my external hard drive plugged in all the time?

An external hard drive can be left plugged in to both your computer and the wall at all times, and can be used just as if it was an internal hard drive. Much like your computer, it is advisable to ... Read More »