Should you leave the computer plugged in while you are fixing it?

Answer On One Hand: Safety Is ImportantWhile fixing a computer, it is typically necessary to unplug the power supply from the wall outlet for safety reasons. Any electrical appliance can transfer enough c... Read More »

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What Should I Leave For My Boyfriend To Eat While....?

You are a very thoughtful girlfriend. Just stock up on TV dinners, chicken bake, pocket pizzas, etc instant noodles, and to munch, stock up those doritos chips etc, trail mix, nuts and most importa... Read More »

IS it bad to leave my laptop charger in while i use the computer even tho its fully charged?

No. It actually doesn't charge the battery if it's running while plugged in. It just runs off of the electricity from the wall outlet.

Should i leave my computer ON overnight or should i turn it OFF?

Depends on if it's storming outside. It is safe and actually better to leave it on. I rarely turn my computer off unless I'm rebooting or there is a storm raging outside.

If i leave my laptop computer on while i download something from limewire will it burn my monitor or get a?

The only thing that burns on your monitor are Plasma and CRT displays. Originally, CRT displays were around. This is why they created Screen Savers, so the same image isn't displayed constantly, th... Read More »