Should you leave a tip when you pay the bill at a restaurant in Japan?

Answer On One Hand: Against Japanese Custom.Traditionally, tipping is not appropriate in Japan. All fees and prices in restaurants are flat and include the service your are provided. In some situations, t... Read More »

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How to Leave a Restaurant Job?

Leaving a restaurant job can be a tricky business. Restaurants are unique workplaces because each staff member is dependent on his or her coworkers. No matter your position at the restaurant, you p... Read More »

For a 250$ bill how much tip would you leave?

Well the average is .20% these days so that works out to be around $50 bucks. But also depends on service. Need to keep an eye on that tip meter. Good Luck

How much tip should you leave at a buffet restaurant?

If they bring your drinks, and do a good job, $1 per person in the party.If you do everything except clear the table, 5% of the total check, but never less than $1 unless you are making a statement... Read More »

How Much Tip Should You Leave at a Fancy Restaurant?

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