Should you keep your private disability insurance you are 59 and retired?

Answer Answer Individual Policies are better. The employer can't cancel it. You can take it with you to a new job.

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Can you buy disability insurance if you're retired?

Disability insurance protects a person's ability to work and earn an income. If a person is already retired, than they are no longer working or earning an income, which leaves no income to insure. ... Read More »

If you collect private disability and then SSDI gives you back benefits do you owe money to your private insurance company?

I would think not unless you had a SS offset rider on the policy. Check with your agent!

Can a medical retired veteran with less than 20 yrs of service collect concurrent disability pay and retired pay?

Is private disability insurance taxable?

Whether or not private disability insurance BENEFITS are subject to Federal income tax is based primarily on whether the PREMIUMS for that coverage were paid with pre-tax or post-tax dollars, by wh... Read More »