Should you keep your baby's cord blood?

Answer Yes. Consider it as a health investment if you store your baby's cord blood in a family bank. If a family member is sick, the cord blood can be used to cure him or her. Successful stories about cor... Read More »

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Why would an unborn babys life be in danger if the umbilical cord was damaged?

Yes, because the umbical cord is the source of babys nutrition and circulation.

Does the father determine the babys blood at conception?

What is cord blood used for?

Cord blood cells can be used to restore a variety of blood problems caused by many types of cancer and blood disorders.Types of LeukemiaStem cells from cord blood are used to treat acute forms of l... Read More »

Why save cord blood?

Cord blood is the stem cell-rich blood that is contained in the umbilical cord. It is collected right after the baby is born. The blood cells found in the umbilical cord can be used in medical rese... Read More »