Should you jump off a diving board while pregnant?

Answer Um no of coarse not my friend jumped off when she was pregnant and... The baby died :(

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How deep should the water be for a diving board?

The Federation Internationale de Natation, or FINA, is the international organization for competitive diving. FINA requires a minimum depth of 3.4 meters for a 1-meter high diving board, or about 1... Read More »

How to Do a Gainer off of a Diving Board?

Front flips are relatively easy to bounce from a diving board, but jumping up forward while rotating a somersault in reverse to enter the water feet first is harder. Here's how, without a bounce, f... Read More »

How to Do a Backflip off a Diving Board?

This is a great way to do a backflip in water.You CAN do this, but it needs some practice and supervision with you.

How to Do a Flip off a Diving Board?

How to do a flip off a diving board really easy. It is actually pretty fun to do.