Should you jog everyday or every other day?

Answer Hey,I wouldn't run every day at all. First thing to say is that cardio isn't the best way to lose weight. It’s amazing how people STILL think this and after a few months complain why they don't l... Read More »

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Is it best to wash your hair everyday or more like every other (girl)?

Every other day, because washing it every day can deprive your hair of it's natural oils. Washing it every other day can also help it grow faster.

My contacts should be changed every 4 months. What if I wear them every other day?

You should change to some contacts that have been designed in the last decade and quit wearing those obsolete ones.

I turn my computer on everyday and everyday i have to sign onto every acct?

if you had ccleaner they have an option to keep cookies that means when you sign in to facebook or yahoo or any other they will keep them and you wont have to sign in all the time so if you get it... Read More »

Serious Q: Is having a nose bleed every other day something I should be concerned about?

Cel, make a damn appointment with a doctor. There are sooo many causes for nose bleeds, but to have them that often is something to check in to, as are the other things you mentioned. Go see someon... Read More »