Should you integrate art&music into teaching?

Answer On One Hand: Teaching By The BookSome teachers and students alike find themselves giving an inordinate amount of time focusing on the integration of music and arts as a study over the emphasis of t... Read More »

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How to Integrate Math When Teaching Landforms?

Combining mathematical concepts with the scientific study of landforms and their characteristics requires planning that includes considering the academic level of the students. Use hands-on activit... Read More »

How to Integrate Children's Literature Into Teaching Math?

Using English literature to teach math to children can be an effective learning technique. It helps children visualize techniques, such as adding, subtracting and multiplying, and gives them an eas... Read More »

How to Integrate Sin^2 X?

The solution to the integral of sin^2(x) requires you to recall principles of both trigonometry and calculus. Don't conclude that since the integral of sin(x) equals -cos(x), the integral of sin^2(... Read More »

How to Integrate WMP to Ventrilo?

After setting up your Ventrilo client to broadcast music, you then can choose which music program to integrate to the server. If your music library is Windows Media Player, you can integrate this i... Read More »