Should you insulate your crawl space?

Answer On One Hand: You Should Insulate Your Crawl SpaceProperly insulating a crawl space can save on energy costs and improve the comfort of your home by reducing cold floors and drafts. Additionally, i... Read More »

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How to Insulate Pipes in a Crawl Space?

The hardest part about insulating pipes in a crawl space is the lack of room. It's best, therefore, before actually starting the job to crawl into the area so see if you fit in the space. Next, fre... Read More »

How to Insulate a Heated & Vented Crawl Space?

Insulating a heated and vented crawl space will reduce heating and cooling energy costs and increase the comfort of your home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Choose insulation with the... Read More »

Should i really seal off my crawl space?

On One Hand: Makes Your Home Energy says that insulating your crawl space will make it more energy efficient, which will save you on the costs of heating and cooling your ... Read More »

Should vents on crawl space be open in winter?