Should you insulate vents under a house?

Answer On One Hand: Foundation Vents Need InsulationAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners should install insulation around most types of openings into the house, such as foundation vents.... Read More »

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When should you open the vents under your house?

On One Hand: Save on Heating CostsThe Federal Trade Commission's guide to Heating and Cooling Your Home suggests crawl space vents remain open in the spring but closed during the winter to keep col... Read More »

Can you cover the vents to the crawlspace under the house?

Answer Vents to the crawlspace under a house can, indeed, be covered. But that creates a "dead air" space. Vents provide, well, ventilation. Consider why covering them is necessary. Some vents have... Read More »

I want to insulate my floor in my house if i do so do i put up a plastic sheeting after i put in the insulate?

The plastic sheeting serves as a vapor barrier, and is needed only if your house is in a region where outside temperatures drop below freezing. The principle is that air inside of the house has mo... Read More »

Should a vapor barrier be put under a house?

On One Hand: Install a Vapor BarrierWater vapor evaporating from the soil and condensing on a house can lead to water damage and mold buildup. As such, you should install a vapor barrier beneath yo... Read More »