Should you have maggots in your compost pile?

Answer Maggots are fine. They assist with breaking down the particles.

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How do you get rid of maggots in your compost bin?

I love it when I get maggots in my compost bin because they speed the decomposition of the organic materials. Its important however to move the bin far enough away from the house that there are no ... Read More »

What materials should and shouldn't be added to a compost pile?

Anything that breaks down over time can be added to the pile. Plastics, glass, rocks, metals and large bones, won't break down very well, so they should be avoided. Anything that rots can be added.

Why Doesn't My Compost Pile Have Worms?

Traditional composting relies on nature to decompose garden waste and table scraps, but vermicomposting uses worms to speed the decomposition process. If you can't find any worms inside your compos... Read More »

How do i build a compost pile Yes i have done research myself but would like to hear from others?

all you have to do is take your trash, and sperate it before you throw it away. stuff like lefover food, banana peels, anything that will decompose, put it in your compost box. then like, every oth... Read More »