Should you go to school if you have pharyngitis?

Answer It depends on severity. If it is mild one can attend school.

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What is pharyngitis.......?

Pharyngitis is inflammation of the pharynx or throat. It is usually caused by a viral infection but can also be bacterial as is the case with strep pharynhitis. Treatment is rest, fluids, hot drink... Read More »

Anyone have any input on when a child should start school, ie: pre-school, kindergarten, what age for what?

I also have a late 4 yo (Dec birthday) daughterI teach preschool at home.IMHO the things you should teach before entering a traditional school setting include:Shapes: circle, square, triangle, rect... Read More »

I am a high school senior boy i have been severely depressed for years i have no real friends i am on meds and see a shrink and nothing is working what should i do?

Drugs offer only temporary relief. You have not mentioned anything about your family members. Talk to your relatives and friends. You will get some moral support from them. You can also contact a g... Read More »

Why We Should Have Backpacks in School?

Backpacks make life easier for students all over the country. Packed with textbooks, personal items and school supplies, it seems impossible that a student would be able to get through the day with... Read More »