Should you give a gift to children in an adoption party?

Answer Yes, once the child is adopted and they are babies then treat it the same way you as you would going to a baby shower. If the child is older then a gift for the child and a nice card with perhaps a... Read More »

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Does one bring a gift to an adoption party?

On One Hand: It's Not NecessaryYou don't have to bring a gift to an adoption party, especially if the child is older and the parents don't need any special baby items. Party guests should not have ... Read More »

Is it appropriate to give a gift for a 12 year old adoption?

you could give a small gift for the 12 year old like a itunes card or a teddyOr if it is a boy a racing car or toy soldiers

Should I Give a Gift From the Registry or a Money Gift at the Actual Wedding?

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Do you have to pay child support if you give your children up for adoption?

Yes, until they are adopted. If they have to be in foster care first you have to pay. Once adopted the child becomes the adoptive parents child in every way, including financial obligations like ch... Read More »