Should you get your cat pet insurance?

Answer It is safer and you can avoid large vet bills. Trying to get it when the cat is older is more expensive.Pet insurance for cats are a must! Especially if they are younger because companies do not co... Read More »

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If you do not get insurance through your new employer and your wife if pregnant where can you get insurance now and what should you look for when shopping around?

Your daughter was covered by your insurance till she was 19 She turned 19 eight days before giving birth to her baby. Should the insurance still pay?

I would think they would pay for all of the prenatal visits. But I don't believe they would cover the hospital expenses. Unless she was enrolled at a college. Then she could remain covered until at... Read More »

When should you add your teenage son to your insurance policy or purchase his own insurance?

Answer It's probably best to add your son to your policy as soon as he gets his license and have him noted as an occasioinal driver. This way he gains "insurance experience", so that when the time... Read More »

If a prescription was charged to your insurance when it should not have been will this show up on the insurance bill?

Answer The insurance company will not send you a bill. More likely they will reject the claim from the pharmacy and the drug store will bill you.