Should you get the iphone 5 or htc thunderbolt?


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Is the thunderbolt better than the IPhone 4?

I have the iPhone 4s, and I previously had an HTC phone. I really did not like the HTC phone, not so sure about thunderbolt in particular.Ot takes a lot of personalizing and getting used to for it ... Read More »

Which is better the iPhone 4 or the thunderbolt from Verizon?

Is the iPhone 4 for Verizon worth picking over the HTC Thunderbolt?

No. I don't believe iphone is ever worth picking over a good android. The apps are better on android, and android is way more customizable.Lots of people have iphones. Do you really want to have an... Read More »

Does the htc thunderbolt have android?

Yes, the HTC Thunderbolt runs android 2.2 Froyo. One of the newest versions.