Should you get the Iphone 3gs or palm pre?

Answer i would say the iphone 3gs if you can afford the plans, also it depends on the coverage. but both phones are great.

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Should I keep my iPhone 3GS. I have a white iPhone 3GS that I love. However I have just been offered a free brand new iPhone 4. Which one should I keep?

Under "Get More Shells," you can click on "Get shells for free" and download lots of apps, a lot of them free. Then, after opening the app, you can delete it if you don't want it, to free up space.... Read More »

Which is better palm pre or iphone 3g?

Well, I'm actually going out to buy the Palm Pre today. I have sprint, so the Pre was the obvious choice. I believe that sprint has better coverage than AT&T, and sprint is the one with the better ... Read More »

Transfer palm data to iPhone 3G?

The best way is to transfer the Calendar and Contacts to Outlook. The iPhone can then be synced with Outlook.Unfortunately, tasks and memos do not transfer. You will need to find other 3rd party ap... Read More »

How to Choose Between an iPhone and a Palm Pre?

iphone vs. palm preCongratulations on deciding to buy a new cell phone! The iPhone and Palm Pre are both great choices, and here are some steps to help you figure out which one you should buy.