Should you get skullcandy Hesh G.I or skullcrushers?

Answer Get the damn Hesh! Hesh FTW! Hesh have mini subwoofers in them. And don't break easily, compared to G.I And SkullCrushers. Actually, you are completely wrong. The Skullcrushers have the mini subwoo... Read More »

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Which are louder skullcandy hesh or skullcrushers?

Well the skullcrushers have louder bass because of it's mini subwoofers built into it. The skullcrushers rarely leak music. On me the skullcrushers are also almost soundproof. The hesh headphones a... Read More »

Which skullcandy headphones is better t.i. ot hesh?

Absolutely. Target definitely does, and I'm sure Walmart does too. They have all teh varieties - Skullcandy Fix, FMJ, 50/50 and Titan

Where can you buy skullcandy hesh headphones?

Yes, it does. If you're buying a costume, it may or may not include them.

Your skullcandy hesh headphones only play through 1 ear?

This is a problem mainly cause by a bad headphone plug-in. Check the device you are plugging the headphones into. Try plugging the headphones into another device and see if you get the same problem... Read More »