Should you get pregnant again in a high risk situation?

Answer The doctor will give advice case by case. Everyone is different and have to follow their own head on this one. If you desperatly want children you might be ready to take the risk but if you already... Read More »

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What should you do you were pregnant at 16 had an abortion and now im 17 and pregnant again?

You are the best judge about how you handled the situation the last time, and in the end the decision is in your hands. I would suggest however that you could save yourself a lot of pain by faithfu... Read More »

What kind of Dr should a women how is considered high risk during pregnancy?

If you need medication because you have worms you have to ask your doctor what to take. This one is not recommended for pregnant women. If you are looking for a way to terminate the pregnancy (abo... Read More »

Should my wife eat meat again now that shes pregnant?

If she wants to eat meat, that's up to her. But there's no reason why she can't have a healthy baby on a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian friend of mine recently had a baby (at 50 years of age). She d... Read More »

You are 16 with a 6month old baby not married and pregnant again what should you do?

Go to Planned Parenthood and learn about birth control. If you can't pay, it's free.