Should you get a iPad 2 or a laptop?

Answer $250 to $300

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Should you get an iPad 2 or a Laptop?

It can hold over 600 but dont watch porn because that will slow that Down I would know

Should I get a apple laptop or iPad?

laptop! ipads are really meant for girls, because of its femanine appearance, but its just a itouch, so i'd get an laptop.

Should I you get an iPad 2 or iPad 3 I like the iPad 2 costs less and is thinner but I also like the iPad 3s retina display and camera?

I suggest to buy an iPad 3 as its camera rocks,it's good resolution screen. So fast processor .ipad2 is not at all good.

Which is better iPad iPad 2 or a laptop?

Side to side comparison iPad : No camera, good for occasional typing, great for games iPad 2 : Camera, other than that same as ipad1 Laptop: Flash, probably a camera, ability to hook up usb devi... Read More »