Should you ever rat out your brother if you've caught him ditching school?

Answer You should confront him first, tell him that you know that he ditched school and that if he does it again then you will have to tell your parents. Therefore you wont be ratting him out necessarily ... Read More »

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What if you caught your brother masturbating?

Ignore it. It's his private life and not something someone should interfere with. Most people masturbate growing up, it's a normal thing. Parents do it too.

Should you tell your mom that you caught your brother sniffing her underwear?

Well this is down to you and how you think your mom will take that kind of news. It may just have been a one of incident as small boys are very curious, especially when entering Puberty. As you men... Read More »

I caught my brother aged 12 searching for sex in google!!?

No, just leave him be. This is pretty normal, actually. Boys go at this stage about this age, so he's just a little curious. Let him search a little, act like its no big deal, and eventually he'... Read More »

What do you do if your boyfriend and brother hates each other and you are caught in middle?

Try and be the peacemaker... but it is unlikely that either of them will be able to cope with the other so... Tell bf and bro to ignore eachother