Should you declare your EDD disability insurance income on your tax return?

Answer You should receive a year end tax form from the insurance company, since it is income. Call them to make certain.

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Do you have to declare your Social Security on your income tax return?

As of 2010, according to the U.S. Government Social Security Administration, you will need to declare your Social Security benefits on your tax return. Depending on the amount of your combined annu... Read More »

Do You Have to Declare Workers' Comp Disability on Your Tax Return?

Life events can dramatically impact your tax situation. Having a child, changing jobs, going to college, and even receiving workers' compensation often translate to important changes once tax time ... Read More »

If you are receiving short-term disability income benefits and you decide to quit your job will you have to reimburse your employer for the percentage of your income you received during your leave?

NOT ONLY BAD QUESTION but ILLOGICAL - first you collect INSURANCE Benefits - not PAY (this money comes from insurance policy that you and/or employer pay into) - - You don't return any "insurance b... Read More »

What if you have disability insurance and become disabled can they take your car your credit and still ask for money when the disability insurance was purchased to cover that type of event in life?

It is your responsibility to see that the DI pays you and YOU pay the payments on time. rem your agreement with the lender stated that YOU would make the payments on a certain date. HOW you get tha... Read More »