Should you deadhead herbs?

Answer Yes unless you require seeds. It is always better to remove the flowers from any plant you want to supply leaves.

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How should you store herbs?

Ideally herbs should be stored out of the direct sunlight. And although store bought herbs are often in clear glass containers, it would be better to store your own herbs in dark glass jars or at l... Read More »

When should you water herbs?

when they are dry unless they are dry soil loving plants

When should I plant herbs?

Herb gardening can be as simple or as complex as the gardener feels they are able to manage. Check out the link below for some pointers.

How far apart should you place your herbs?

Answer It depends on the plant and what you want to accomplish with them. "Herbs" can mean little bitty ground-covers like thyme or great big hedge-size plants like lavender and rosemary.Are thes... Read More »