Should you buy an HD, Blu-ray or up-convert DVD player?

Answer On One Hand: Format Depends on the Buyer's Needs.When deciding what type of audio/video setup is right for you, format plays a big part in the decision. Blu-ray and HD DVD formats display video in ... Read More »

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What kind of disk should I use to convert video files on my computer to a DVD to watch on a DVD PLayer?

DVD-Ralso important format yiur videomy player support mpeg2 formats, and i use vidcroppro converter

How to Convert Real Player to Windows Media Player With Freeware?

Real Player is the main video player designed by RealNetworks for the RealVideo video and audio file format. Windows Media Player is the multimedia player designed by Microsoft. WMA is the propriet... Read More »

How do I convert Real Player to Windows Media Player files?

Convert with Kigo Video ConverterInstall the free audio and video conversion application from KigoSoft: Kigo Video Converter (see Resources). Click the "Add Files" button to load the Real Player au... Read More »

I'm buying a DVD player and I want to know if I should purchase a Blue Ray or a regular DVD player.?

That depends. If you have an HD TV and/or a surround sound system then it is definatelly worth the extra money for blu-ray.If you have a standard definition tv and no surround sound and do not plan... Read More »