Should you buy a refurbished Eureka Boss vacuum cleaner?

Answer Swifter Mop brand, critics rate it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10/10Actually there is no such vacuum better to use a broom sure

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How to Change the Belt on a Eureka Boss Vacuum Cleaner?

The Eureka Boss vacuum is a dependable upright vacuum. Like most vacuums, the Eureka Boss uses a belt to rotate the brush roller inside the vacuum power head. A squealing sound coming from the powe... Read More »

Who sells the Eureka 4870 smart boss vacuum cleaner?

u can find it at currys,comentCommon appliance bulbs are 25W & readily available lighting section major hardware stores.

What is the difference in vacuum cleaner Eureka Boss Upright 4870GZ and 4870MZ?

I would think no, but you could always try searching or asking at an online plumbing company.

Can anyone please tell me how to remove the motor from the Eureka smart boss upright 4870 upright vacuum cleaner?

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