Should you buy a new refrigerator or replace parts?

Answer You should buy another one, because what if you're trying to fix it but something goes wrong, so.....BUY ONE!

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What parts of a refrigerator are made of copper?

Bananas don't react well to refrigeration. If they are kept too cool, they don't ripen and the skins turn gray. If you must refrigerate bananas, do so only for a day or two.

How do you get parts for a holiday portable outdoor refrigerator?

Update- The same units also are manufactured under the name Summit and the model is FC07 Call Summit and they have the parts 1-800-932-4267you dont, sorry buddy.

How to Order Repair Parts for a Magic Chef Refrigerator?

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How to Replace Kenmore Parts?

If you need to replace a part for a Kenmore appliance, all you need is access to the internet. Sears sells the Kenmore brand, and all of the parts for Kenmore appliances are readily available on th... Read More »