Should you buy a building with an IRS lien on it?

Answer On One Hand: A Lien on Property Complicates a TransactionIn most cases, a lien on a piece of real property must be satisfied, i.e., paid off, before the property can be transferred. Either the buye... Read More »

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Can an hoa place a lien on your house for building a pool if its in the rules that you cant If so I don't understand what kind of lien it would be All my dues are up to date?

Your detailed question describes a situation where you failed to honour the governing documents -- which you agreed in writing to honour, so the association chose filing a lien as a way to 'get you... Read More »

Special roof assess lien on condo that's on the market as a short sale Considering there are 30 other units with the lien should I pay my portion off to help the unit sell?

Whether you negotiate a reduction in the sell price by the amount of the special assessment, or pay it off, the minus amount to you will be the same.Said another way, you will pay the special asses... Read More »

How does one put a lien on a building and its surrounding land?

Sue the owner in civil court and get a judgment against him.

You buy condo paid all cash Now company files mechanics lien for work done on the building for a subcontractor who needed to finish his job Aren't you protected?

Regardless of how you paid for your condominium, what you purchased includes the exterior of the building and all the other common elements and limited common elements of the community that all own... Read More »