Should you buy Google stock?

Answer On One Hand: Stock Price Rising and Room for GrowthCNN Money picked Google as a stock investors should buy because of its rising share price and expansion into new markets. In January 2010 Google b... Read More »

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Does Google stock pay dividends?

Google, which is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, has not paid any dividends as of June 2010. Despite being extremely profitable, Google, like many technology companies, prefers to invest its p... Read More »

How do I add a stock ticker to Google Reader?

Navigate to Google Reader (see Resources) and login by entering your email and password in the appropriate fields. Click the "Add Subscription" button on the upper left side of the page and type yo... Read More »

How do I put a stock ticker on Google Reader?

Go to's RSS ticker creator page. (See Resources for a link.) Enter the four-letter symbols of up to ten stocks you want to track, in the text field. Alternatively, you can use the comb... Read More »

What year did Google enter the New York Stock Exchange?

Google has never been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company chose to list on the Nasdaq instead of the NYSE. At its Aug. 19, 2004 initial public offering, Google offered 19.6 m... Read More »