Should you alternate heat and cold on a knee injury?

Answer On One Hand: Hot and Cold are for Different Purposes.Applying cold to a knee injury reduces inflammation, which is important for reducing the severity of the injury during the first days afterward ... Read More »

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Hot or cold compress what's the best for knee injury?

An acute patella injury is an injury to the kneecap or patella from a direct blow or fall onto the knee. Direct impact from a football boot, hockey stick or other hard object can cause a number of ... Read More »

I have lower back pain. Should i apply heat or cold?

you should alternate between both... heat will relax the muscles while the cold will do the opposite, this stimulates the muscles releiving your pain

I had a knee injury?

I had a knee injury, well it still bothers me today and i had surgery...I would ask the doc for Motrin and a few painkillers...The Motrin will help with the swelling and the painkillers will let yo... Read More »

Knee injury is getting bad?

It sounds like a dislocation of the Patellar bone in your knee.