Should we tip for a takeout order in the US?

Answer Well there are a lot of variables to consider. Depending upon the restaurant would dictate if you should or not. If it's pizza, no need to tip. The service and counter help didn't really do anyt... Read More »

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Can I order takeout lobster at Red Lobster?

All regular-menu lobster items are available for takeout at Red Lobster. In addition, fresh lobster feasts and bakes can be purchased through the Red Lobster website. To locate the phone number o... Read More »

Which hardware should i most definitely order online & what should i order in stores?

it depends what stores are by you.for me I had microcenter,which gives great deals on processor+mobo combos,check their newspaper ad.…I bought an i5 2500k ... Read More »

Do you leave a tip for takeout?

According to MSNBC, tipping etiquette in America does not require you to tip on a takeout order. Tips are reserved for when you get service, such as seating and refills. Yet, the takeout server wor... Read More »

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