Should we relieve african debts?

Answer On One Hand: Debt Prevents ProsperityMany African countries have extreme debt, largely a legacy of European colonization. This debt keeps countries from being able to institute proper education and... Read More »

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In what order should you pay off debts?

On One Hand: Pay the Highest Interest Rate FirstOne debt repayment method endorsed by financial experts is the "snowball method." Pay everything you can toward your debt with the highest interest r... Read More »

How Much Should My Score Raise If I Pay Off Three Collection Debts?

The extreme sport of wake-boarding involves riding a wide ski-like board while executing tricks off of the waves made by a skiing boat. A recent trend in wake-boarding involves the rider catching a... Read More »

Why should we protect the African wild dog?

Once spread throughout 39 African countries, the African wild dog (or painted dog) numbered a half-million. Because of human encroachment, these numbers are down to 3,000. Efforts are being made to... Read More »

Should you wash African violet leaves?

African violets benefit from having their leaves rinsed off with tepid water or the same fertilizer/water mixture, when I water my African violets they get a total shower every time I water them (t... Read More »