Should we legalize performance enhancers?

Answer On One Hand: Improved Strength and PerformanceThe use of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes across nearly every competitive sport has become an increasingly common trend. Performance enhancer... Read More »

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Do you think they will legalize marijuana in PA?

Hope not. I fail to see any good it has accomplished in either state, and whole lot of bad. I am sick to death of seeing idiot stoners getting on here and claiming that marijuana is some kind of ... Read More »


There is NO way to legalize your overstay sorry to be that direct.The American consulate also can not help you here all they can do is get you a lawyer in case you have to face a trial which would ... Read More »

Is obama going to legalize marijuana for medical AND OR smoking use?

Definitely! He's already admitted to smoking a lot of pot, back in his college days. He's also pro-medical marijuana! If the opportunity came around, he would sign that law instantly!Marijuana all ... Read More »

What should im gonna do, to have a legalize permit in zurich switzerland?

If your girlfriend is Swiss, then the best thing is to marry her. All the rest depends on your nationality.