Should we have the freedom to eat what we want?

Answer What's the alternative? Vegetables? You mean, the things that once had life before being eaten by vegetarians and vegans? Beans? They had life once, too ... believe it or not. Fish? Don't eve... Read More »

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What kind of freedom did Phillis Wheatley want?

Phillis Wheatley was taken from West Africa as a child and kept as a slave in America. She was purchased by the wife of a Boston tailor named John Wheatley. She grew up to become a poet well-known ... Read More »

I want to have a spa day ith my friend, what should we do?

I do the same with my best friend. Clay mask i will say bentonite clay mask, great mask for acne especially if the person has oily skin. For the bentonite clay mask i get mines online and i will l... Read More »

What should you do if you are 15 years old and want to try to have a baby?

Answer You need to evaluate you situation and rethink this. Raising a child is not an easy task. You may need to seek the help from a professional that can better understqnd why you would want to h... Read More »

I have a lot of stuff animals on my bed and i dont want to get rid of them what should i do?

Get one of those nets that you nail to the wall and hang them above your bed.