Should we give crisps and chips to children?

Answer Children love chips, eating chips at least twice a week will do no harm, making sure your children have a balanced diet is the most important thing to do, therefore, for the rest of the week concen... Read More »

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Star this question if you love salt n vinegar chips/crisps =D?

Why does eating chocolate or potato chips/ crisps make you feel better?

they are comfort food. Some people associate certain foods with feeling good.Plus chocolate releases endorphins that make you feel better, especially dark chocolate. Read More »

Does eating crisps (potato chips) just make you more hungry, rather than satisfy your hunger?

Yes! Oh my gosh! Because you're like... well, i'll only eat a few while watching TV.. and you just keep eating and eating and soon you've eaten like 20. I too gave them up and it really helps a ton!

Should you give a gift to children in an adoption party?

Yes, once the child is adopted and they are babies then treat it the same way you as you would going to a baby shower. If the child is older then a gift for the child and a nice card with perhaps a... Read More »